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For years, I successfully owned and operated a service business catering to the needs of a mainly senior clientele. I witnessed firsthand how my clients coped with the issues of retirement and age. I even saw people I’d always believed were financially set lose huge amounts of their retirement accounts due to market downturns. Watching them cope after their nest eggs were depleted in the financial crisis when they needed the money most was hard to bear. They’d saved and gathered assets most of their lives to have that money in retirement, and unfortunately for many of them, it was no longer available.   What an incredible waste for them.

Reverse Mortgage Agent in Los Angeles helped Mom

When my mother experienced her own financial crunch, she told me she’d been thinking about getting a reverse mortgage. I asked her not to do anything until I had a chance to do some research. Not unlike you, most of what I’d heard about them was not very good.  I was concerned she might fall prey to some sort of scam. Luckily, I was able to go right to HUD’s Reverse Mortgage website to get some honest information.  Their website was great because they are the definitive resource for information on this type of loan.  As I read through it I realized that a lot of information out there was just old.  I realized that one article was over 10 years old and the information was no longer accurate.  That’s important to know because lots of loan officers are getting old information, too.  You should get your information from someone like me who specializes in this type of loan.  Knowing the most up to date information is crucial to getting ready for your best retirement.  I stay abreast of all the changes via HUD’s Reverse Mortgage Website.

Once I read about reverse mortgages, I knew that this type of loan would suit my mother’s needs perfectly. I realized right away that if you understand how they work, many people could use them to have a better retirement. I helped her find a company close to her and together we worked out a plan. The whole process took about six weeks to complete once her appraisal was done and accepted by the lender.

In 2005, I sold my service business and began my new career in the reverse mortgage industry. My involvement in my own mother’s loan helped me learn a lot. Mostly, I learned what a sense of relief she experienced by using the reverse mortgage to rework her finances. She was able to sleep better and didn’t worry so much about how she’d pay her bills and stay in the home she’d so lovingly put together. She had money to hire a home health care aide to keep the house clean and cook her meals and just keep her company. It made a huge difference in her life. It made a huge difference in my life, too. It was very difficult to help out with most things living 3,000 miles away. Getting her a reverse mortgage helped her address her daily needs, and it helped me to know she was comfortable and much less anxious about how to take care of herself and her home.

Since then, I’ve become a Los Angeles reverse mortgage agent to help a lot of people get a better handle on how they would finance their retirement years. I love the feeling I get from helping my borrowers age in place.

I can tell you how I’m honest, reliable, and hardworking I am, but you’d probably rather hear what my clients have to say about me. That’s why I’m posting some videos of what my clients have to say about me.

I love hearing what they have to say, but more than that, I love hearing the relief they feel. I know they understand everything about a reverse mortgage because I’ve given them the facts so they know how it’s going to affect their life.  It puts them fully in control and that confidence means they can relax.  And that’s what you’re supposed to be able to do in retirement, isn’t it?

Reverse Mortgage Agent in Los Angeles helped Mom.  I can help you and your Mom, too!




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